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27th Nov (Saturday)
10am SGT


In March 2021, US Crude was trading at US$60 per barrel and some experts were calling for a price hike to US$80~US$100 as target. Many retail investors thought it impossible and were not keen to buy it as the global pandemic was still raging.

TWB Traders Academy was one of the few who were bullish over this and we had set the target at US$84. Naturally such an outrageous market view received attention which saw an equal number of people supporting our view as well as those who were against the idea.

Armed with our TWB System, we know that we should just focus and stick to our beliefs and charts. A glance at the chart (below) and you will realise why the TWB Traders Community is increasing in numbers over the last 3 years, and with good reason.

On 25th of October 2021, the black gold touched US$84.96

Now (21st November 2021), it has dropped to US$75.54 on European COVID concerns as a fresh surge is threatening to slow the economic recovery. Meanwhile investors also weighed in that a potential release of crude reserves by major economies is set to cool energy prices.

Of course, the same group of “Experts, Guru, Analysts” are at a loss of words and some even flipped to SELL with a call towards US$55. 

Why do you think this is happening?

TWB Traders Academy is gung-ho about its forecast. We are very optimistic that the bottom is near and US$71.85 could be a good level to consider accumulating some while the US$67.73 could be the ultimate best level to buy more.

BUT most likely the US Stock market could be affected during this period and one should really take advantage of this move.  

On 27th November 2021, Saturday 10am, via ZOOM for FREE

TWB Traders Academy Chief Trainer, KEL, will show you how to take
FULL Advantage of this move to profit and prepare for the NEXT BULL RUN!  

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Singapore’s Most Affordable Start-Up Workshop @S$388!


The TWB BASIC Course is the Gateway to the TWB SYSTEM PREMIER COURSE

Conducted personally by TWB Founder and Head Coach/Trainer KELVIN HAN, who created and launched the powerful TWB Trading System in 2011 with great success 

As a prelude to more advanced trading processes, this Basic Course opens the door to TWB terminology and network. Whether you are a market newbie or a long-term trader, the unique TWB technical indicators effectively monitor the pulse of the market. This goes to improve the accuracy and quality of each trade. 

The Basic course content includes Daily Moving Averages ((MA30 & MA 200). This technical analysis tool smooths out price data by creating a constantly updated average price. 

In addition, the Daily Mid-Level Price (MLP) is another strong technical indicator packaged in the TWB BASIC and it effectively predicts the potential movement of the market on a daily basis.  

Lasting over 6 hours, the TWB BASIC Course will cover topics that include Forex pairs, Gold & Silver, DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, Hang Seng, BTC & ETH 

The TWB BASIC combines all the above and more to help traders Trade Lesser & Trade Better by capitalizing on highly accurate recurring patterns and movements at key market levels.

Hear the honest reviews from our graduates!

TRANSLATION: I am very happy that I can learn from Kel's daily Let's Trade Hang Seng MAO ( Market Analysis) to understand Hong Kong future market.
Because of my work, I am not able to trade everyday. I am a very cautious trader. If I want to invest in stock or indices, I will require lot of time and patience to understand and analyse the market before investing. But my work does not allow me the luxury of time to do that daily. I am very fortunate to have the TWB System and daily MAO conducted by Kel that put tremendous amount of information in the shortest possible time. Hang Seng Index is one of my favourite trading instrument. At the beginning, I am very afraid to invest in Hang Seng Index due to huge volatility and unusually fast price momentum. Such nature of price action required fast thinking and response which I am lacking.
With the TWB System it allows me to produce excellent result in 1 to 2 hours, I am able to achieve consistent source of income from trading. Of course, not everyday is a profitable day. There are days when there are small loss which I manage to minimise it. Such risk management is key to have a stable growing trading account and that is the winner's approach.

Zhang Yao Dong 张 耀 栋, Actor

Zhang Yao Dong 张 耀 栋, an active trader, an alumnus of TWB™ Academy, Winner - Best Actor Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020 comments on The TWB™ System, the support from TWB™ Academy & Kelvin, the Chief Trainer.

Arun, an alumnus of TWB™ Academy, shares his thoughts of the TWB™ system, his take on Kelvin and his daily support to the students. 

Patrick, a programme manager & alumnus of TWB™ Academy, comments on The TWB™ System, the support from TWB™ Academy & Kelvin, the Chief Trainer.

Richard, business owner. Found his passion again in Forex Trading with the TWB™ system.  "TWB™ Academy, delivers what they say - We leave no one behind".

Eperienced Engineer Discovers Clear Cut Rules To Trade By Following The Big Boys
Complicated Rules Now Made Crystal Clear

Experienced engineer Kheng Wah discovers clear cut rules to trade by following the Big Boys. Having difficulty following the complicated strategies of another trainer, he was introduced to the easy-to-follow TWB™ System. Thereon, he has been trading positively.

Unlearning 5 Years Of TA & FA Experience
Had To Unlearn 5 Years Of Training To Succeed

Ronnie had been trading for some 5 years after attending and paying for a few courses that are based on technical and fundamental analysis. Those gave him more loss than wins until found his way with TWB™ Academy. 

Paid for courses but the losses continued
Thrilled about the turnaround - 11 straight loss to
80% - 85% win rate

Sales Executive Jeremy followed financial gurus, paid for courses by "gurus", watched and studied Youtube videos but still ended up with 11 losses in a row! Within his first hour using trade with the TWB™ System, he had the best trade of his life.

Better profits despite no prior experience
Surprised that she was able to make daily income

Office administrator Mei worked for 30 years in a MNC and had no experience in trading nor have had any financial background. Picked up the TWB™ System because she was upset her husband lost their money. With no preconceived ideas or knowledge, her fresh advantage did not have her unlearn inapt trading processes unlike many experienced traders.

Going from 80% loss to 80% win using the TWB System
Realisation the TWB™ System works when his trades shifted from loss to win

Sales Engineer from the Netherlands, Rinaldo was skeptical when he first encountered the TWB™ System. However after a 1 Day TWB™ workshop, he went from losing 80% to winning 80%.

Was never positive till he was proven wrong
When his trades finally turned Positive

Electrical and IT engineer Kyle was frustrated with his regular trading losses especially as his friends were winning with their trades. He hasn’t looked back after discovering the TWB™ System when his trades started turning positive.

“TRADEWITHEBOYS™ has a community of 600 traders and is growing rapidly. Our community of traders enjoys capitalizing the market daily in their favor.”

Risk Disclaimer

Any form of investing carries risk, and may not be suitable for all individuals. Before making any decision to trade or invest you should always carefully consider your investment goals, experience level, and risk tolerance ability. The possibility will always exist that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and even the possibility of losing more than your initial investment with any form of margin trading. You should therefore not invest money you cannot afford to lose. You are recommended to seek advice from a financial advisor if you have any doubts. A reminder that past performance does not necessarily indicate future results.