Set up in 2011, the TWB Academy is a specialist learning academy. What it lacks in size it makes up in members’ support. Daily market analysis begin as early as 0700h and end as late as 2359h midnight. With its own YouTube channel there are constant and daily updates with market analysis. There are also 7 Telegram groups to support students in different area markets.

Monthly gatherings for revision (live and in-person) classes are also conducted. The E@Learning is also available for self-coaching and soon will be conducted in multiple languages.

With the TWB System, the main thrust of the courses is teaching Day Traders how they can diffuse market patterns and forecast potential market direction for Short Term Trading.


The journey has been tough but we managed to achieve what we set out to do. TWB Academy courses are now UK ACCREDITED by ITOL (UK). ITOL or The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning is an internationally recognized elite Learning and Development professional body and is a globally recognized brand with a membership presence on every continent. ITOL is proud to play its part in supporting and developing TWB Academy to implement systems that are responsible for the management and delivery of people development activities.

ITOL is the first professional institute for learning and development in the UK to empower its members to design and deliver excellent training courses and back their professionalism with a personal accreditation scheme that confirms these courses as ITOL certified.

ITOL ensures the quality of all its members courses because

• ITOL certified courses follow internationally recognized best practices in adult learning.
• ITOL members, subject matter experts in their field, develop and conduct their certified courses themselves.
• Learners who attend an ITOL certified course will receive a registration number that confirms their attendance.
• Attendance at ITOL certified courses is auditable. Third parties can confirm with ITOL the learner’s attendance at an ITOL certified course, subject to the learner’s concurrence.

We firmly believe that such course accreditation is a testimony of the high quality of all TWB courses. This will add more value to our students and one of the compelling reasons to enroll in any of the TWB courses.

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How does the TradewitheBoys System (TWB System) work?

Conventional trading systems that are based on RSI, Bollinger Bands and Stochastic oscillators are not necessarily the best solutions for retail investors. Small successes and profits made can be quickly wiped off in the next big transaction. Wins are likely to be far and few between and the “Big Boys” continue to control the game.

Conversely the TradewitheBoys System is designed and developed along the lines that follow the moves of the “Big Boys”. Aligned and going with the flow, we trade along the direction of the “Big Boys”. Why complicate trading when it can be easier?


Clear Definition of Market Trend

The TWB system clearly defines the current market condition, whether it is uptrend or downtrend. As explained in the video we follow the movement of the “Big Boys” by trading a long position when the candlesticks change colour from Red to Yellow. Then we short the market when the candlesticks change from Yellow to Red.

This allows students to respond and react accordingly. If it is an uptrend, they will look for a buy setup, and vice versa. Our powerful and unique KSI and KCX will give us the confirmation to execute the trade. Both of these indicators have been time tested proving an accuracy of 78%.  This is an important and essential aspect as any system that doesn't clearly define the market condition is a failed system.

A System with Buy & Sell Signals

The TWB system that defines the low-risk entry price also factors in a buy within a downtrend market that could quickly reverse; or a sell within an uptrend market could turn around as quickly. Even when trading within a trend, a false signal might occur during the exhaustion phase. Hence there is the emphasis on stop loss and risk management. All TWB students are encouraged to pre-define their views as the system has an accuracy rate of 78%.

A Balanced Trading System

A trading system that has more than 3 indicators maybe too difficult to learn from. Only TWB has the necessary indicators to pre-define the high probability trade with minimum risk. Hence a proven system with money management, entry and exit price (target price/stop loss) is always a reliable system.

Simple, But Not Necessarily Simpler

TWB professes to have a simple system; and it is simpler if students are trading novices with no knowledge of trading techniques from another source. Differing from others, the TWB System works on a much simpler trading philosophy to learn from and possesses all the necessary indicators to follow and be profitable. Students with prior experience may have to unlearn any past trading know-how.

Clear Boundary with Trading Indicators

The TWB System establishes a clear boundary to trade. Why? Because every successful trading system has a boundary that must be placed and established with the Buy Boundary and the Sell Boundary to facilitate selling and buying within their respective boundaries. Importantly a boundary will be clearly established for each individual to trade accordingly. In so doing, we do not predict the market but we follow it.

Invitation to Telegram Trading Groups

New students will be invited to join the TWB telegram chatgroup to learn from one other. All skills including trading skills require time to be mastered. The chatgroup is to help the new students gain proficiency in using the TWB System by asking questions and learning along the way via interaction with all traders.

Components of Trading Success

TWB believes that entry, exit, money management, psychology (discipline) and having a proven system are all equally important. Hence it encourages students to give equal weightage to all these points in their development to be rounded traders. We believe in holistic strength and if one component is weak, it will affect the whole. If one fails, everything may fail. Hence the system is designed to address all components by having a simple trading system to follow and is psychologically and ultimately easier.

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Founder / TWB System Creator / Chief Trainer TradewitheBoys Academy

A dedicated trader since he was just 19 years, he has over 22 years of trading experience and have coached more than 12,000 students in South-east Asia. He was also the CEO of a well-established brokering house in Cambodia.

In 2011 he launched the unique and powerful TWB Trading System that tracks and accurately predict the likely outcome of the market. With this as his trump card, Kelvin’s mission statement rings clear – “We Leave No One Behind”!





We all lead busy lives and are not always able to attend the Live Workshops. Yet we all eager to learn as soon as we sign up. As such TWB Academy came up with a solution that allows you start learning immediately or whenever it is convenient, however you want and as much as you want! The video learning content is available 24-7 and allows you to watch as many times as you wish.

From the videos, you will learn the simple steps like a newbie and achieve profitable trades like a professional trader!

It is a step-by step course specifically created for this purpose to ensure you won’t miss out on any information.

The E-Learning includes the following content:

7 Modules
1 Bonus Module
19 Videos
Crypto Workshop


Once you have completed your Step- by Step online learning journey (#1) you proceed to our Live Physical Recap Class in Singapore. This Live Class is held mostly on the last Saturday morning of the month (local Singapore Time) and takes about 4 to 5 hours. In the event you are overseas or not able to join the physical class, you may join the live stream via our TWB Revision Facebook Page (for members only).

You will also be granted unlimited access to the recording of this Live class to review and hone your skills. Participating in the live class you are encouraged to share your views and observations and make queries on areas you are not familiar with. This will ensure you get a holistic overview and maximum benefit from your attendance. As our motto goes: We Leave No One Behind.


Even as the E-Learning, Live Coaching and Daily MAO give you all the fundamentals to become a profitable trader, trading can sometimes be a lonely journey. We have created the Telegram Group Chats to further support, communicate and connect not just with the TWB team but also with your fellow students.

There are different Telegram group chats (for different markets) to support you on your journey. Questions you may have after watching the Step-by-Step video series can be asked here as well. Telegram Chats are exclusively for verified TWBA students only.


There are different Telegram group chats (for different markets) to support you on your journey. Questions you may have after watching the Step-by-Step video series can be asked here as well. Telegram Chats are exclusively for verified TWB Academy students only.


With all the newly gained information under the belt, its time to use the Ultimate Big Boys Tracker System, also known as the TradeWitheBoys System (TWB System).  There are a total of 12 Different Types of markets (modules) where you can choose from to trade.

* Please do note that each module has a monthly subscription fee.

• Crude Oil

• Dax

• Dow Jones

• Forex

• Gold

• Hang Seng

• Nasdaq

• Nikkei

• S&P500

• US Stocks

• Bitcoin

• Ethereum


You never stop learning with Facebook TWB Revision Group. Specifically set up for TWB Academy students only, all the live Zoom sessions along with other numerous videos that help you on your trading journey can be found on this page. You will receive unlimited access to all the videos and educations we have done so far that is worth thousands of dollars!

There are hundreds of hours of video content for you to watch on various topics to sharpen your trading skills.


We are probably the most active trading community in Singapore and we support each other as much as possible. Whenever you have a question, there will always be a coach or a fellow student to help out. We encourage all our students to support each other.

Our traders are active within and beyond the trading community, always ready to help each other and support those who need it the most.

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