Be an Affiliate for our TWB course

With the affiliate program, you get to enjoy on going monthly income.
Three easy steps to start earning your commissions. 

* Affiliate Program is exclusively available to the TWB Academy students who has completed the TWB System Premier course.


When you join our TWB System Premier course, you are automatically eligible to become our TWB Academy affiliate. No need to register anymore. Login to your account and get the affiliate link from and start referring.


Share your affiliate link, we track every page from the affiliate Link you share. 


When someone visits the link you shared and purchase the TWB System Premiere course, you will automatically receive a commission to your account. 


1. Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming an affiliate.

However, only current TWB Academy students who have completed the TWB System Premier is eligible to promote and be in our affiliate program.

2. How long does the cookies last?

Our cookies last for 365 days. This means that you get credit for any referred customer who returns to our site within 120 days, even if they do so directly.

3. Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Affiliate Program.

4. How much commission can I make?

There are no limits to the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate. We pay you SGD 388.00 for every referral for TWB  System Premier Course  

5. Can I stop promoting the programmes at any time?

Of course, there is no commitment, you reserve the rights to stop promoting any of the courses at any time.

6. When do I get paid?

We payout affilate commission via Paypal. 
Terms of payment is 30 days from the date your lead paid for TWB Academy courses.

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