Newly launched in Nov 2021, TWB Basic System is the prelude to the TWB System Premier Course. It is created with the intention to close the wealth gap by equipping both new as well as experienced traders with a lifelong trading skill that will enable them to build an additional active income stream from trading the markets. This is especially important as many working adults recently surveyed solely relied on just one source of paid income from their jobs.

In order for traders to be profitable trading the market, it is essential that they do not overexpose themselves through long periods of trading in the market. Hence, the TWB Basic System with its set of technical indicators effectively monitors the pulse of the market by closely following the movements of the Big Boys and limit the number of trades in order to improve the level of accuracy and quality of each trade.


In back testing the system, we have identified unique patterns and movements that occurs at key market levels as presented by the short-term and long-term moving averages as well as the average daily price range. These observations greatly improve trader’s accuracy in forecasting the potential movement of the market at these levels thus enabling them to increase the profitability of their trades.

Students will be introduced to the usage of TWB’s moving averages namely the MA30, MA200. The weighted moving average (MA) is a technical analysis tool that smooths out price data by creating a constantly updated average price. TWB’s Basic system utilized both short term (30 days period) and long term (200 days period) moving averages to map out important price levels on the charts as these levels has proven to exhibit recurring patterns to indicate both strong levels of support and resistance in a rising (Bull) and falling (Bear) market respectively.

With these levels clearly indicated on the trader’s chart, it highly increases their confidence in forecasting the potential movement of the market and making trades that are favourable in the current market’s direction

The MLP or mid-level price is a strong technical indicator packaged in the TWB Basic System as it effectively predicts the potential movement of the market on a daily basis. This indicator has been successfully utilized by TWB’s Millionaire Trader (M-Trader) to make her millions in a short-span of just over 5 years with an initial seed capital of USD $3000.

By taking the average of the previous day’s Opening and Closing, this level divider can help traders focus and develop a trading strategy by staying on the correct side of the market. Any breaches to the upside or downside of MLP will point towards the potential movement that the Big Boys want to bring the market towards.

The TWB colour changes from yellow to red or red to yellow is a strong visual indicator to help traders enter the market with precise timing. It effectively helps clear any trader’s doubt by addressing their query as to “When to enter the market”? The TWB colour change provides accurate signal to buy when its CCRY and sell when CCYR. The optimal timeframe will depend on the market that is traded on e.g.
• Forex pairs – 15mins
• Gold & Silver – 15mins
• DOW, S&P, NASDAQ – 15mins
• Hang Seng – 5mins & 1min
• BTC & ETH – 5mins
KEL’s Sentiment Index is a measurement of the amount of buying and selling activities in the market. It matches buying and selling patterns in its databank and represents this information in the form of histograms representing buying or selling pressures. With green bars on the chart, it shows that the buyers are in the market and vice versa red bars represents the market are filled with sellers. Additional information like the KSI jump/surge shows intense reversal of change in the sentiment of the market and traders need to be wary in order not to be on the wrong side of the market.

The TWB Basic System lethally combines the MA30, MA200, MLP and CCYR/CCRY to help traders Trade Lesser & Trade Better by capitalizing on highly accurate recurring patterns and movements at key market levels. The proprietary TWB colour change provides clear confirmation and signal for traders to engage the market be it for a buy or sell entry.


The TWB Basic System will be conducted personally by the Founder and Chief Coach/Trainer of  the TWB System and TWB Traders Academy.  A dedicated trader since he was just 19 years, Kelvin Han has more than 22 years of trading experience and have coached more than 12,000 students in South-east Asia. He was also the CEO of a well-established brokering house in Cambodia. In 2011 he launched the unique and powerful TWB Trading System that tracks and accurately predict the likely outcome of the market. With this as his trump card, Kelvin’s mission statement rings clear – “We Leave No One Behind”!


The 6-hours course will be conducted both physically (with SMM and fully vaccinated status) and over Zoom for those residing overseas and for un-vaccinated participants. All students are allowed to attend UNLIMITED revision Zoom sessions subjected to the Zoom capacity. This is to ensure that all participants attain mastery over their newfound knowledge by continuously strengthening their muscle memory.



  • 6-hours zoom and/or face to face workshop by TWB Traders Academy, Chief Coach and Trainer Kelvin Han
  • TWB Basic System Indicator (MA30, MA200, MLP & CCRY/CCYR) for FOURTEEN (14) markets of your choice**
  • 2 months of FREE TWB Basic indicator subscription (Upon expiry will revert back to SGD$96 per month)
  • Subscription to TWB Basic Telegram support
  • Mon – Fri Live Market Analysis & Outlook (MAOs)
  • Up to SGD $300 Discounts on all future TWB courses**


**If trader can show TWB Team that they profited from the market, for every US$1000 profits = S$100 Discount, capped at S$300. The discount is for the interested to progress to TWB Premier Program (aka Version 5)


In order to enrol in the TWB Premier System course, all new participants must first enrol in the TWB Basic system. They must trade using the TWB’s Basic System and if trader can show the TWB Team that they profited from the market, for every US$1000 profits = S$100 Discount, capped at S$300. The discount is for the interested to progress to TWB Premier Program (aka Version 5)