Mind the GAPs in your life

We are all riddled with gaps in our lives – whether it is Work, Business, Income, Relationship, Knowledge, Happiness and everything else under the sun.

At TradewitheBoys, we have a G.A.P. (Global Alliance Partnership) to help overcome some of life’s gaps. The Global Alliance Partnership (GAP) was conceived and implemented after the Management team wants to help TWB students to fill the gap in their lives. The main focus is on Business (Trading), Knowledge of digital marketing with the resources provided by GAP so they can promote the TWB trading resources confidently and successfully.

 Our GAP ANALYSIS includes

• GAP seeks a continuous lifestyle and knowledge improvement for all members, from the current state of existence to the desired outcome of success. Hence, the birth of this partnership is to provide our students the platform to help to fulfill their goals.

• All TWB students are encouraged to do an analysis on their current state, create a goal-setting along with an action plan on how to hit their target.

• How? By taking stock of where they are currently, determining where they want to go, what they want to achieve and drawing up a plan that outlines specific steps to fill the gap by taking continuous improvement between its current and desired outcome as shown below.

A Remarkable Milestone

In just one year, 500 students had joined the TWB Family. Thanks to the steadfast and successful system and knowledge we impart on our students.

With renewed vigor and confidence, they introduced TWB System Premier and other TWB courses and events to their friends and family. To recognize their effort for their support, confidence and sharing, TWB will reward them with a monetary commission as a token of appreciation.

Winning together as a family - The TWB way

In Q1 & Q2 2021, it was noted that:

• Every 1 in 4 TWB student has brought someone into the TWB Family

• Some brought more than 10 prospects to join the TWB trading community

• More than $70,000 students’ earnings come from TWB (GAP) referral scheme

• All these can be attributed to the strong support of the TWB family in achieving this remarkable milestone


To minimise the GAP in the lives of TWB students, the GAP (Global Alliance Partnership) was introduced in June2021. All students have the option to join GAP if they have enrolled for any TWB System Premier course or TWB Pro Trader Program.

There are 3 goals in GAP are:


Become more successful and earn more

To help our students to be more successful and earn more, TWB has introduced the TWB partner referral scheme. To give due recognition to our TWB students who are GAP members, the Management has revised the referral scheme stated in GAP Partner Referral Scheme.

GAP Member Referral Scheme



SGD$ 388


SGD$ 488

This will translate an increment of 70% referral fee for our GAP Partner by sharing the TWB Premier Course and the prospect enrol for the course.

GAP Partner Referral Scheme CASE STUDY






17x $388
= $6596


17x $488
= $8296

AFTER 1 AUG 2021



Share your success more confidently

To help our students share more confidently on the TWB training courses, TWB has introduced 2- Pronged support.

• Building Competence
• Expanding Network & Reach


Become more successful and earn more

Upskill & Upscale - In this rapidly-changing digital world, we highly recommend every student enrol for GAP’s exclusive Digital & Social Media Marketing Training Programme. We firmly believe that our GAP members will benefit from this skill-set for both learning and living. This will help GAP members to achieve their future endeavours with more confidence.

Coming to you from Q3 2021

UPSCALE - Increase your influence and earnings with Digital & Social Media Marketing. TWB wants our students to upscale with this training programme. Learn to utilize digital marketing to share TWB trading courses or even their own businesses.


UPSKILL – To encourage our GAP members to seek continuous learning in Digital & Social Media Marketing, TWB encourages its GAP members to get professionally certified by enrolling in courses such as Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) in Diploma in Digital Marketing.



TWB has engaged Mr Winston Yap, the globally recognised digital marketing expert, to provide TWB GAP members with the once-a-week training on:


  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Training to scale their TWB business and share with their audience or prospect using POWER keywords to engage them to be future customers
  • Increase the conversion rate by learning how to successfully close them and sign up for the course
  • Become a master of social media marketing, grow your business on Facebook & Instagram and bring traffic to their respective websites

Winston Yap
- Mulit-millionaire / Serial Entrepreneur 


TWB Academy courses is now UK ACCREDITED by iTOL (UK). We firmly believe that such course accreditation is a testimony of the high quality of TWB courses. This will add more value to our students and one of the compelling reasons to enrol in the TWB courses

TWB System Premier (July)

• TWB Pro Trader Program (PTP)

• TWB Trusted Traders Program (TTT)



Coming to you from Q3 2021

As part of accelerating expansion of TWB’s network and market influence both locally & internationally, GAP will adopt the 2 strategies.

  • Engagement through outreach platforms & events. Join us for our TWB trading competitions and sharing sessions.
  • Get-togethers & network as a trading community at Traders @ C Times. Traders can gather @ C Times for the live market watch for Traders.
  • Take this opportunity to invite your friends and prospects to attend the above events. This will enable you to showcase the TWB trading system and support to your visitors.



To Increase your wealth with TWB

To increase the wealth of our students and spinning off from the global trend of cryptocurrency trading/investment, we will be launching our own *Crazii coin. At this inception stage, we are offering a special rate to TWB students as founding members.

The Management reserves the right to amend the plan to launch Crazii coin (its own version of Bitcoin) accordingly.

During the pre-initial coin offering, GAP members will have the first opportunity to invest in the coin. Subsequently, TWB students will be able to purchase the coin at the initial coin offering phase before it is offered to the public for purchase.

All members are only entitled to a one-time purchase during the pre-initial coin offering and initial coin offering. Once the period for the pre-initial coin offering and initial coin offering is over, all are free to trade the coin with no limit on the quantity transacted.

As with all investments that carry risk and potential loss of money, the Management urges all to do their own due diligence before investing with their money although Bitcoin has appreciated by many folds at the launch price of around USD340.00 and Crazii coin may not duplicate the performance of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. *Disclaimer applies*


With the GAP’s 3 goals that TWB seeks to address, we welcome all TWB students and GAP founders to sign up for GAP membership and enjoy these exclusive privileges by clicking on the link: http://bit.ly/globalalliancepartnership

There are 2 GAP packages which TWB students can select: Premier and Elite packages with an annual membership fee of  $288 and $888 respectively. Refer to attachment for the summary of benefits of the GAP packages. The annual membership will be revised accordingly and Management reserves the right to adjust the annual fee.

Management will also have the final right and decision to accept or decline membership of interested parties including the decision to revoke the membership of members, if necessary, without giving justification and refund of membership fee. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.   


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