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Signs that the stock market is heading for trouble

The S&P 500 has just strung it's 7th consecutive record closing last Friday. The last time this happened was in 1997, the same year we had our Asia Financial Crisis. Is this a mere coincidence or a possible pattern?

On the 10th of July, 11AM, Saturday, I will be conducting a ZOOM Session to share with you a Market Overview and to introduce my TWB System.

The S&P is up 14.9% year to date and we will see a sudden change in direction soon because of the following: 


Crude Oil will likely trade higher towards US$80 per barrel. It is up more than 55% year to date and amid there is a growing expectation that OPEC will increase their supply. Thus a move above US$80 seems inevitable.


I don't think there is a chance for US Federal Reserve to hike interest rate because there are just too much credits in the market. Even a hike of 1% will lead to a potential calamity BUT a TAPER from the current US$120b to US$60b is expected. This will slice the current S&P (4350) to around 4008 which is fairly reasonable.


In the financial market, what goes up must come down eventually, especially earnings. Since last year, earnings growth for the average S&P 500 company is around 30% but most are giving forecast/outlook at 10-15% for 2022. But the current S&P PE is at 46 hence at some point, the current stock valuations will need to return or reflect the expected decline in earnings growth, which would mean falling stock prices.

S&P Seasonality Pattern

S&P 500 PE ratio

During the Market Outlook, I will cover these 3 areas + 1 Seasonal Pattern Chart along with our TWB System Charts

Most importantly, based on Seasonality patterns, since 1900s to date, the months of August and September are not favourable for Stocks unless you are looking to BUY them after they sell off, which we expect to happen.

Thus, this Event is about SELL and BUY setups.
You get to learn BOTH Setups at the SAME time!

We will see you on 10 July, 11am, until then take care.



Hear the honest reviews from our graduates!

Zhang Yao Dong 张 耀 栋, an active trader, an alumnus of TWB™ Academy, Winner - Best Actor Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020 comments on The TWB™ System, the support from TWB™ Academy & Kelvin, the Chief Trainer.

Arun, an alumnus of TWB™ Academy, shares his thoughts of the TWB™ system, his take on Kelvin and his daily support to the students. 

Patrick, a programme manager & alumnus of TWB™ Academy, comments on The TWB™ System, the support from TWB™ Academy & Kelvin, the Chief Trainer.

Richard, business owner. Found his passion again in Forex Trading with the TWB™ system.  "TWB™ Academy, delivers what they say - We leave no one behind".

Paid for courses but the losses continued
Thrilled about the turnaround - 11 straight loss to
80% - 85% win rate

Sales Executive Jeremy followed financial gurus, paid for courses by "gurus", watched and studied Youtube videos but still ended up with 11 losses in a row! Within his first hour using trade with the TWB™ System, he had the best trade of his life.

Better profits despite no prior experience
Surprised that she was able to make daily income

Office administrator Mei worked for 30 years in a MNC and had no experience in trading nor have had any financial background. Picked up the TWB™ System because she was upset her husband lost their money. With no preconceived ideas or knowledge, her fresh advantage did not have her unlearn inapt trading processes unlike many experienced traders.

Going from 80% loss to 80% win using the TWB System
Realisation the TWB™ System works when his trades shifted from loss to win

Sales Engineer from the Netherlands, Rinaldo was skeptical when he first encountered the TWB™ System. However after a 1 Day TWB™ workshop, he went from losing 80% to winning 80%.

Was never positive till he was proven wrong
When his trades finally turned Positive

Electrical and IT engineer Kyle was frustrated with his regular trading losses especially as his friends were winning with their trades. He hasn’t looked back after discovering the TWB™ System when his trades started turning positive.

Eperienced Engineer Discovers Clear Cut Rules To Trade By Following The Big Boys
Complicated Rules Now Made Crystal Clear

Experienced engineer Kheng Wah discovers clear cut rules to trade by following the Big Boys. Having difficulty following the complicated strategies of another trainer, he was introduced to the easy-to-follow TWB™ System. Thereon, he has been trading positively.

Unlearning 5 Years Of TA & FA Experience
Had To Unlearn 5 Years Of Training To Succeed

Ronnie had been trading for some 5 years after attending and paying for a few courses that are based on technical and fundamental analysis. Those gave him more loss than wins until found his way with TWB™ Academy.

“TRADEWITHEBOYS™ has a community of 600 traders and is growing rapidly. Our community of traders enjoys capitalizing the market daily in their favor.”


Set up in 2011, the TradeWitheBoys™(TWB™) Academy is a specialist learning academy for trading. What it lacks in size it makes up in strong members’ support. Daily market analysis begin as early as 0700h and end as late as 2359h midnight. With its own YouTube channel there are constant and daily updates with market analysis. There are also 7 Telegram groups to support students in different area markets. Monthly gatherings for revision (live and in-person) classes are also conducted. The E@Learning is also available for self-coaching and will soon be conducted in multiple languages.

With the TWB™ System, the main thrust of the courses is teaching Day Traders how they can diffuse market patterns and forecast potential market direction for Short Term Trading.

Trading towards Financial Freedom
not just for Investment.

The TWB™ Trading System @ TradewitheBoys™ Academy

This is a state-of-the-art trading system created and developed based on a trading philosophy to TradewitheBoys. Having undergone extensive research & development and multiple upgrades, the TWB™ System made its market debut in 2011 as the PSV™ system. Simplified to just the TWB™ System after years of continuous research and development, the TWB™ Academy has Version 3.60 for the Basic Class and Version 3.90 for the Advanced Class. Mobile app Version 5.0 will be launched in August 2021.

Band of The Big Boys

The Big Boys is a term loosely used to refer to the top tier financial institutions and hedge funds. They control the flow of funds or “smart money” around the world 24/7. They have access to exclusive information and invest in advanced algorithms running on supercomputers and high-tech servers to model all available data to predict future price movement.     

The only way to ensure success in trading is by understanding how the market works behind the scenes and discover how the big boys create liquidity by hunting stops to position their orders safely. With the TWB™ System, you would be able to gain an in-depth insight into the Big Boys’ buying and selling patterns and identifying key reversal levels to enter high probability and low risk trades. Join us today to experience a whole new world in trading!

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