Welcome to TWB Traders Academy!

A very warm welcome to you from everyone at TradewitheBoys Traders Academy.

Whether this is your first introduction to trading or your desire to start fresh and turn your trading losses into profits, TWB Traders Academy promises to make a good, or better, trader of you. Regardless of the level you are at, it is our goal and obligation to bring you to the next level and higher.

Raring to go and eager to start but a little overwhelmed by the information overload? Not to worry, work closely and we will guide you step by step. Start off first by reading and following the instructions below carefully. This will ensure you won't miss out on anything and maximize your opportunities at TWBA.

Make sure to follow and complete each of the steps below.




This is probably the most interactive place for you to be around. From the latest trading/learning updates and activities, to Zoom links for activities as MAO and even live trading support, etc. - this is the place to be.

As part of the TWBA family now, you will be added to these Telegram chats. To kick-start the process, kindly send us a message on Facebook Messenger with the text "Join" by clicking on button below. Don't forget to include the name you registered as so we can do the necessary verification.


Difficulties with Facebook messenger? They you could send us a WhatsApp on the following number and Miss Susan will be glad to help out:

+65 8868 5030



While our admin will shortly add you to our Telegram group chats, it’s always a good time to dive into the E-Learning materials to get you familiarized with the TWB System. The videos will guide you from A to Z and help you understand all the basics of the TWB System.

The sooner you will master these core components, the easier it will be to understand what is all going on in the Telegram Chats and what TWBA Chief Trainer Kelvin Han is talking about in his Daily Market Analyses Outlook (MAO) Sessions. The daily MAO are held live every weekday morning at around 8.30 AM at the TWB Revision Facebook page. In case you are unable to attend the live session you can always watch the replay at a more convenient time. We however do recommend you watch it live as often as possible to get a head start of the trading day to come.


To access the Daily Market Analyses Outlook Sessions (MAO), click on link below to access the TWB Revision page. The TWB admin support will grant you access to the fb page.


While the E-learning will explain the fundamentals of the TWB System, the live coaching of TWBA Chief Trainer Kelvin Han will help you connect all the dots and really will put your learnings into practice.

This will be an +- 8-hour live coaching, either via Zoom or in person (depending on Covid regulations), and is usually held on the last Saturday of the month. These details will be announced and shared in the Telegram chats. Be sure to always keep an eye on the Telegram group chats.

 If you still have a few questions or wish to refresh your memory, you may attend a 3-hour Live In-Person revision class held by TWB Chief Trainer Kelvin Han (at the TWB Singapore office) to sharpen your trading skills. You are able to attend the revision class 3 times* without charge. Overseas students are able to watch the replay of these revision classes but will not be able to attend these revision classes live.

*Once registered and confirmed, any cancellation of the revision class is counted as 1 time attendance.


Completed your E-learning, attended the Live Coaching (Revision class) and joined a few MAO sessions? Ready to start trading with the TWB System?

To activate your 24 credits drop us an email at admin@craziinc.net


As good as it sounds, every Tuesday is a Super Tuesday! In the afternoon TWBA Chief Trainer Kelvin Han will conduct a special market update. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any question you may have to improve your trading. The sessions are conducted either via Zoom or in person in the TWBA office. The details are shared on the Telegram chats. Make sure to keep an eye on the group chats!


What better way to leap ahead in your trading journey and ask any questions you have? In the 1-On-1 session,  you will be able to get exclusive tips with TWBA Chief Trainer Kelvin Han. As only ONE student is given this exclusive opportunity each time in an hour-long session every day, don't miss the opportunity to reserve your time slot in time when your turn comes up! Please note that once your slot is submitted and registered, rescheduling is not allowed an you would have missed a great opportunity.

This 1-On-1 Coaching opportunity is given when:

  1. Completed your E-learning
  2. Attended the Live Coaching
  3. Activated the Indicators (for at least 1 market)

To book your slot use link here.

In case you really don’t know what to do don’t hesitate to contact our TWB support team via the Facebook Messenger: http://m.me/tradewitheboys