TWB Basic System Course


In this course you will master the 3 simple steps to trade by following the Big Boys. Trade like a newbie, profit like a pro. You will learn the simple steps as newbie and have profitable trades like a professional trader!

MODULES: 7 modules 19 videos 1 bonus module + Crypto Workshop



  • 6 hours zoom and/or face to face workshop by TWB Traders Academy, Chief Coach and Trainer Kelvin Han

  • TWB Basic System Indicator (MA30, MA200, MLP & CCRY/CCYR) for xx markets of your choice**

  • 2 months of FREE TWB Basic indicator subscription (Upon expiry will revert back to SGD$96 per month)

  • Subscription to TWB Basic Telegram support

  • Mon – Fri Live Market Analysis & Outlook (MAOs)

  • SGD $100 discount on all future TWB courses

#1 Learn
Upon successful registration and payment via you will be granted access to the E-learning portal of the TWB Premier course + the Crypto workshop. You can then immediately start the online E-Learning programme. See below summary of the Elements in the E-learning.

#2 Coach
Upon successful completion of the E-learning, you will be granted access to attend the Live Coaching. This +- 8-hour Zoom class will capture all the training required to fully operate the TWB system. The live coaching is mostly held on the last Saturday of each month.

If you still have a few questions or wish to refresh your memory, you may attend a 3-hour Live In-Person revision class held by TWB Chief Trainer Kelvin Han (at the TWB Singapore office) to sharpen your trading skills. You are able to attend the revision class 3 times* without charge. Overseas students are able to watch the replay of these revision classes but will not be able to attend these revision classes live.
*Once registered and confirmed, any cancellation of the revision class is counted as 1 time attendance.

#3 Guide
You will be granted access to the TWB Facebook Member’s Only inner circle page where students can attend all the Live Market Analyses & Outlook sessions shared by TWB Chief Trainer Kelvin Han. This is scheduled on every weekday morning at +- 8.30 AM Singapore time, unless otherwise stated.

#4 Connect
Upon successful registration you will be added to the Telegram group chats that are relevant to the course. Telegram group chat topics might change from time to time but are categorised to best support the students where it is needed. As long as the student is an active subscriber, he/she will continue to have access to the Telegram group chats. After the 24 credits are used up, the student will continue to have access to the Telegram group chat on the topic he/she has subscribed to.


#5 Trade 
All course students will receive 24 credits. These credits can be spent in various ways and students have the freedom to spend the credits as they wish. Credits can be spent on any of the12 markets  they choose to trade from.

Crude Oil • DAX • Dow Jones • Forex • Gold • Hang Seng • Nasdaq • Nikkei • S&P500 • US Stocks • Bitcoin • Ethereum

This credit system works accordingly. 1 credit allows the student to trade in 1 market for 1 month. Eg: A student may choose to spend all 24 credits for 24 months on just one market like Gold. Similarly, he/she may choose to spend the 24 credits trading in 2 markets like Forex and Bitcoin for 12 months each. Or trade in 4 different markets for 6 months each.

* After the 24 credits are used there is a subscription fee of 96 SGD per credit.

#6 Replay
Only TWB Premier students will have full access to the TWB System Revision Group Facebook page. The daily Live Market Outlook Analyses and the recordings of all the previous TWB materials can be found here as well. You will be able to rewatch as them as many times as you wish.

#7 Support
The TWB Support team is always around to give a helping hand and guiding you in your trading journey. Priceless!


Access to Super Tuesday Revision. Every Tuesday afternoon the Chief Trainer will conduct a special coaching / sharing / market update.

Free One-to-One Consultation (1 hour, on ZOOM / In-Person). After completing the E-learning course and attending the live coaching every student can book a One-to-One consultation with TWB Chief Trainer Kelvin Han. This 1 hour live (via ZOOM or in person) consultation will allow he/she to ask the right questions he/she might have to help improve his/her trading skills. So as not to create too many hiccups in the system, there is an allowance to reschedule this session once. Notably, these sessions are limited to just 1 person per day. The timeslot will be given to you ahead and is also subject to availability of the Chief Trainer.

What is included in the E-Learning:

01   Introduction
In this introduction section we will be exploring what's the best time to trade to get maximum returns, understanding the basics of reading trading charts.

Most Profitable & Accurate Trading Timing 10:16
Understand Candle & Timeframe 10:29

02   3 Step To Enter Trade
In this section, you will learn what are the 3 steps you have to do before you enter a trade.

Step 1: Color Change (CC) 10:52
Step 2: Trigger 1: Opening Price (OP) Line 11:11
Step 2: Trigger 2: Pivot Lines 24:23
Step 2: Trigger 3: KTR Lines 04:27
Step 3: KSI 04:58

03   Gold Profit Indicator
This is a stand alone signal that is used only for trading gold.

Kel's Cyclical Extreme (KCX) 12:15

04   Stop Loss
Risk management to protect your capital.

Stop Loss Strategy 10:56

05   Take Profit Strategies

5 ways to take profit from your trade.

Take Profit Strategy 1: FIFO 08:29
Take Profit Strategy 2,3,4: KTR, PIVOT, Color Change 09:32
Take Profit Strategy 5: CHOC Bar 18:04

06   Massive Profit Patterns

2 very powerful patterns to help you guide to take profits at its best.

Massive Profit Pattern 1: Single Color Bar 03:57
Massive Profit Pattern 2: Zebra Formation 05:30

07   Other Essentials

TheCAGE (Market Consolidation) 06:33
Money Management Strategy 14:40
Putting The 4 Steps Together 08:52
Trade Management 04:19

Extra Bonus

A very special indicator previously only taught to our Pro Traders!

BMB (Big Movement Bar) 14:18

Crypto Workshop

Introduction 06:32
History Of The Idea Of Money 08:08
The Idea Of Bitcoin As Money 26:11
Bitcoin Vs Ethereum 13:43
Crypto Scams & How To Avoid 15:47

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